Monday, October 4, 2010

Finding a Job

I just wanted to share with you guys the last bit of conversation that occurred during my second interview with ZAIN today, to have a sense of why im still clueless as to why im yet to be unemployed...

Interviewer: I like you alot, best out of all the people came in my office.
Me: Thank You.

Interviewer: You have a sense of maturity and awareness the others didnt have.
Me: Thank you, very kind of you.

Interviewer: If it were up to me, i would hire on the spot, you'd fit in the team quickly, i sense you have a great adaptability rate.
Me: Sign me up, wheres the contract?

Interviewer: Unfortunately...
Me: AHAAA !! there you are you little bastard... the "unfortunate" part...

Interviewer: The timing of employment is not up to me, and their are other people i have to see, its part of the process, i cant give you 100%..blah..blah..blah...... BUT i really like you, we connected..
Me: yeah yeah yeah, you can stick that connection up your a$$.

So fellow camels, i have t wait for inevitable call that will go like this:
"Dear Mr.Funky, we regret to inform you we cannot at this time employ you in the position you applied for, but keep trying MWAHAHAHA."


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